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Today marks the final week (fingers crossed) of my pregnancy.  I’ve mentioned before that I was past due and induced with both Jack and Charlie; I don’t think I’ll be one of the fortunate ones who gets to deliver even a few days early.  I’m bound to be past due, hot, and swollen until the very end! It’s 92 degrees and humid here.  I’m ready.  I spent the past weekend on Lake Michigan with my family trying to go into labor – eating pineapple, marching up and down stairs, taking walks, and plenty of ankle massages from my husband.  No luck.  I even tried paddle boarding!

I’ve previously said that I feel like I’m missing out on the big, theatrical  ‘Honey, it’s time!’ kind of moment, but my OB assured me that’s not really how it happens.  After delivering two other babies by induction, at least I know what to expect – and my legs will be shaved and my toes, painted. I’m also very grateful that my OB doesn’t make me go past due before scheduling an induction.

So next week, we’ll officially be a family of five! We’re all so excited to meet our newest addition.  Jack and Charlie have picked out names.  Jack’s pick is, “baby Francesco!” Yes, as in the Italian character from the movie Cars 2; Charlie’s pick is simply, “BABY!” My husband and I have a list of about six names; three for each gender, but it will be a game time decision after we meet the new babe.

What’s the last thing you remember doing before your labor started? Is anyone else as excited as I am for the Duchess of Cambridge to deliver?



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