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Your baby now measures more than an inch, about the size of a prune. Her tiny arms now have joints that bend, and her small mouth has a tongue and little buds that will soon grow into her baby teeth. Along with all of the aches and pains of pregnancy, increasing irritability may be a struggle for you.

Your Body

At 10 weeks pregnant, you’ve reached a point where your body and your life are going through a tidal wave of changes. Physically and emotionally, you’ve got a lot to cope with. Here’s what you may be experiencing this week:


With your hormones in overdrive, a seemingly unending list of physical symptoms, a new body image to adjust to, and the stresses of so many life changes ahead, it’s more than understandable if you’re feeling a bit on edge these days.Many women around this time in their pregnancies experience more moodiness. Going from feeling happy and content one moment to angry and anxious the next is common.So, if feeling upset and snapping at everyone you see is happening more than you’d like, try these tips to calm your irritability:

  • Talk to your partner. Letting your partner know what triggers your irritability and asking for help with avoiding those triggers can be a big help.
  • Get adequate sleep and rest. To avoid the moodiness that comes with fatigue, be sure to get as much sleep as you can and give your body the rest it needs throughout the day.
  • Pamper yourself. Make it a priority to schedule in relaxing activities that bring you pleasure. Indulge in a pregnancy massage or try ending your day with a nice warm bath to help soothe your nerves.
  • Focus on the positive. Turn your thoughts to the joy and many rewards of bringing a new baby into the world. There are so many!

If you simply can’t shake your irritability and moodiness, prenatal depression may have set in. In that case, talk to your doctor. You may be able to benefit from safe antidepressants that can be prescribed during pregnancy.Vaginal DischargeAre you noticing that you have more vaginal discharge? This is normal. Also referred to as leukorrhea, this milky, odorless or mild-smelling discharge is produced, in part, because of increased estrogen and blood flow to the vaginal area.But, if your discharge has a gray, yellow or green color—or if you notice an unpleasant odor—you may have an infection like bacterial vaginosis. If you notice an increase in discharge or if it becomes thicker, more mucus-like, watery or bloody, this can be a sign of preterm labor. In any of these cases, call your doctor right away to get treatment.If your discharge isn’t due to an infection, these tips can help you manage the increased flow:

  • Keep your vaginal area clean, always wiping from front to back.
  • Use unscented panty liners to help with absorption.
  • Wear cotton underwear and avoid wearing tight pants.
  • Don’t’ douche.
  • Avoid scented products like bubble bath, toilet paper, and feminine hygiene sprays.

Your BabyIn the 10th week of pregnancy, your baby continues to grow at a rapid rate and, if you could take a peek at what’s happening in your womb now, here’s what you’d see:

  • Your baby’s arms can bend. Your baby’s arms now have a new feature: Her elbows. As her arms take shape and grow stronger each day, her hands are flexed at the wrist and she’s busy inside you bending her little arms.
  • Your baby’s teeth are developing. Inside her small mouth, your baby now has tiny tooth buds forming under her gums. These will eventually form her first set of 20 baby teeth, also referred to as milk teeth, which will start appearing in her mouth when she’s about 6 months old.
  • Your baby’s tongue is forming. It’s a busy time in your baby’s mouth with her tongue forming, too. Her taste buds are developing, she’s swallowing fluid and can’t you just picture her having fun sticking her little tongue out?

Diet and Exercise Tips You Should FollowTo keep you and your baby healthy, follow these tips in week 10:

  • Eat more nuts and dairy. With your baby’s bones growing fast now and in the weeks to come, you’ll want to increase your intake of nuts and dairy products. Foods including almonds, peanuts and milk are good sources for essential minerals that provide the vital nourishment your baby’s bones need for healthy development.
  • Build endurance by walking more. More walking does a pregnant mother’s body and baby good. So, aim to increase your endurance here in week 10 with a walk 5 days per week, aiming for 3 miles in 45 minutes.

Things You Should Do

  • Learn some healthy recipes especially good for pregnancy.
  • Make sure your home/work activities are safe for pregnancy; avoid chores/tasks that expose you to harmful cleaning products, pesticides and chemicals.

Words You Should KnowBacterial Vaginosis: A vaginal condition where an abnormal vaginal discharge occurs due to an overgrowth of normal bacteria in the vagina.Colostrum: The first milk produced by breasts during pregnancy, usually starting around the 3rd or 4th month. It’s common for colostrum to leak from breasts toward the end of pregnancy.Hypertension: High blood pressure characterized by a repeatedly elevated blood pressure exceeding 140 over 90 mmHg (systolic pressure above 140 with diastolic pressure above 90).Vaginal Discharge: Fluid produced by glands in the vaginal wall and cervix that drains from the vaginal opening. An increase in the amount, an abnormal odor, a change in consistency of the fluid or pain accompanied with it can be signs of infections or other disorders.

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