Mobile Apps: Changing how Expectant Mothers Prevent Birth Defects

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Mobile Apps: Changing how Expectant Mothers Prevent Birth Defects

January is Birth Defect Prevention Awareness Month, an important subject for every expectant mother and those that care for them.  The fear of birth defects can be nerve wracking during pregnancy and many mothers-to-be may feel helpless.

They needn’t feel this way. There are many things pregnant women can do to help prevent problems during and after pregnancy. In fact, many are getting help managing potential birth defects from their mobile devices. Programs such as babyQ are leading the way. Through its website and mobile app, babyQ is providing constant guidance that helps women make healthier choices throughout their pregnancies.

babyQ was developed, by a team of doctors, as a tool for expectant mothers. The program utilizes the doctors’ comprehensive LENS system and serves as the guide to help prevent birth defects.

  1. Lifestyle: It is vital that during all stages of pregnancy that mothers make wise lifestyle choices such as avoiding the consumption of alcohol and exposure to cigarette smoke.
  2. Exercise: A regular exercise program of at least 30 minutes a day can help to not only keep the mother healthy but also the baby.
  3. Nutrition: A diet of whole grains, vegetables and fresh fruit can aid in healthy development of the fetus as well as a regular intake of vitamin D and Folic Acid.
  4. Stress Management: Keeping a calm environment and low blood pressure will allow the baby to develop in optimal conditions.

After answering a few key questions, users of the babyQ app will receive a score, based on their strengths and weaknesses in the four LENS categories. Then they receive a customized plan to guide them. As they progress through their pregnancy, the plan will adapt to fit the needs of the mother and her growing baby.

With the help of medical apps such as babyQ, women can actively prevent many of the problems that arise during pregnancy.


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