BabyQ to support Gerber Foundation with free, new user signups

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BabyQ to support Gerber Foundation with free, new user signups 



To celebrate the holiday season, babyQ is helping to enhance the lives of children by raising money for The Gerber Foundation. babyQ will give the foundation $1, up to $5,000, for every new, expectant mother who signs up to use the babyQ program during her pregnancy in the month of December.

Using babyQ is like having a personal pregnancy coach; it helps mothers-to-be make the best choices for their baby during the earliest stages of gestation.

Developed by Mark Gostine MD and Gareth Forde MD, PhD, expectant moms can register for free on the babyQ website or download the free mobile app. There they’ll take a short babyQ survey and are given a babyQ score—0 to 100—based on the doctors’ own algorithm.  Users then receive personalized health coaching messages, through push notifications or email, based on their babyQ score. Unlike other mobile apps aimed at expectant mothers, the goal of babyQ is to boost the woman’s score while adapting to the changing needs of the baby.

“We chose to support Gerber because it is a company that has been all about what’s best for babies for over 80 years. The food they make for infants is broadly representative of the same food we want young mothers to eat while pregnant,” explains Dr. Gostine.


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babyQ was developed by Mark Gostine MD and Gareth Forde MD, PhD who developed the program after their own research of nearly 40,000 deliveries in the West Michigan region. Both doctors emphasize the power a pregnant woman has to turn on her baby’s best genes, through proper lifestyle, behaviors, nutrition, and stress management. For more information, visit their website at





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