BabyQ doctor advises expectant mothers: stock up on Vitamin D

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BabyQ doctor advises expectant mothers: stock up on Vitamin D


In the September 2012 issue of Pediatrics, the official Journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics, investigators reported a simple way to accelerate brain development of children in the womb.

The researchers measured the amount of vitamin D in the blood of pregnant mothers, and fourteen months later, tested their children by trained psychologists to see if there was any difference in their motor skills. The results were impressive.

They found that children born to mothers with the highest levels of vitamin D had advanced motor development and were able to walk and grasp objects better than children born to mothers with low levels.   

Mark Gostine MD, the developer of babyQ, a website and mobile app for expectant mothers, commented on the study: “Most women will need an additional 1500 units to 2000 units a day of vitamin D to achieve optimum blood levels of vitamin D. There is usually only 400 units in most prenatal vitamins and our own analysis of nearly 40,000 deliveries shows this is not nearly enough.”

Vitamin D is the sunshine vitamin and darker skin color limits the amount the skin can make.  Most African American and Latinas who are pregnant will need to supplement.  Even many Caucasian women are deficient. How can expectant women increase their vitamin D safely?

According to Dr. Gostine, “Oral vitamin D is present in milk and other dairy products to a limited degree.  However in one hour of sunshine at noon, with arms and legs exposed, most of us will make in excess of 3000 units, so sunshine is the most efficient way to make vitamin D.

“In the absence of sun exposure I recommend pregnant African American and Latino women take 2000 units and Caucasian take 1500,” continues Dr. Gostine”

Dr. Gostine further adds, “We know vitamin D is critical to bone development and now we know it is also essential for proper brain growth as well. Both these organs grow very rapidly in the second and third trimester, so this is the most important time to supplement with Vitamin D.”

It is time to recognize the importance of this simple recommendation in ensuring babies achieve their greatest development potential during pregnancy. 





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