Why The babyQ Pregnancy App Exists

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Earlier this year we had an article published in a medical journal showing that a healthy lifestyle reduces pre-eclampsia, also called toxemia or severe high blood pressure that occurs during pregnancy. The two graphs below look very similar and show the link. The top graph is the rate of pre-eclampsia and the bottom graph is the minutes of night time in the previous 3 months. As the days get longer in the summer months, night time is shorter and the rate of toxemia is reduced by almost 40% from midwinter to the end of summer.

This analysis was based on more than 39,000 pregnancies conducted in west Michigan by  Mark Gostine, MD, and Gareth Forde, MD PhD. The two graphs imply that sunshine and vitamin D are important for prevention of pre-eclampsia. Also residents of west Michigan, where the study took place, eat greater amounts of fresh fruits and vegetables, exercise more and have less seasonal depression during the summer compared to the winter.

Seeing this information visually gave rise to the concept of “babyQ” which is shorthand for pregnancyIQ. As a mother’s babyQ improves and she treats herself and her baby properly by managing her lifestyle, nutrition and stress, she reduces the risk of pregnancy complications like toxemia. Based on this concept, we developed the babyQ pregnancy app for young moms to guide them through a healthy pregnancy.

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Dr. Mark Gostine

About Dr. Mark Gostine

A physician for more than 30 years. He is a proud father of four and a grandfather of two. The announcement of his daughter Emily’s first pregnancy and the joy of his first grandchild, were major turning points in his life. They became the inspiration for babyQ. From then on, he wanted to dedicate his clinical knowledge and energy to helping young women have healthier pregnancies and better babies. Voted one of the best 100 doctors in his field in America, Dr. Gostine is a practitioner of nutrition who creates health education modules for his patients. He, along with Dr. of my children,” he says. “My hope is that young mothers and fathers everywhere will give their children the best start because it is so much better to prevent disease early than treat it later.” Dr. Gostine, a native of Michigan, received his medical degree from Wayne State University College of Medicine in Detroit, and is Board Certified in both anesthesiology and pain management. He completed his undergraduate studies and his medical residency in anesthesiology at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, followed by a pain management fellowship at the Kansas City Consortium in Missouri. Currently President of Michigan Pain Consultants and Founder of ProCare Systems, he is based in Grand Rapids, Michigan.