The Anti-Craving

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Cravings seem to be a topic people are highly concerned about when talking with pregnant women. I think anyone who hasn’t been pregnant is curious to hear some crazy concoction, and those who have been pregnant want to compare crazy concoctions. As far as specific cravings go, the only thing I can remember that was “weird” was the grilled cheese sandwich I once made with raspberry jam on it; but I don’t even think it was that weird because fruit and cheese are a very common combination. Anyway, it was delicious and Jack liked it too. During my first pregnancy I had a change in preferred tastes. I used to have a huge sweet tooth, but as soon as I got pregnant with Jack, I didn’t care for desserts or sweets anymore. I wanted salty foods, mostly olives, constantly. Then, during my second pregnancy, I only wanted chocolate all day, everyday. As far as this pregnancy goes, I’m having what I call “anti-cravings.” I want anything that doesn’t have tomatoes in it. It blows my mind; as anyone in my family will tell you, tomatoes are my favorite fruit/vegetable. Now, I can’t even stand the smell of anything cooked with tomatoes. Pizza, pasta sauce, chili, soup, ketchup – any of it, just doesn’t appeal to me. I don’t mind the occasional plain, uncooked tomato, but the second that thing hits a pan, I just can’t be around it. Jack and my dad planted a vegetable garden last summer, and cherry tomatoes right off the plant quickly became Jack’s favorite reason to go visit Papa. Jack looks at frozen, snow-covered garden now and says, “Mama, when can we eat ‘matoes again?” Soon, buddy. I hope my love for tomatoes returns after I have this baby, because there’s nothing better than a fresh, Michigan, summertime tomato.


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