I Heart Ginger.

12 weeks along and I still feel like I could throw up at any second. While I have to admit, I don’t really care for the taste of ginger (I’d prefer it more if it tasted like cherry. Or chocolate. Or maybe both…on top of ice cream. I digress), I do appreciate how much better it makes me feel. Lately, I’ve been eating anything that has real ginger in it. Ginger chews, ginger hard candies, natural ginger ale, and ginger tea are staples in my daily diet. I keep it in my purse, in my car, in my bedside table, everywhere. While ginger has been proven to help aide morning sickness and nausea in general, it also has many other health benefits including: preventing cancer, boosting your immune system, and acting as an anti-inflammatory. Ginger is a natural remedy for morning sickness and completely safe to consume during pregnancy. What’s really been helping me lately is my ginger “mocktail” I developed late one night. Desperate to cure my nausea, I went to the grocery store and bought anything that read, “Made with real ginger” on the package. I came home with crystallized ginger, ginger ale, fresh ginger root, pickled ginger, and ginger candies.
Start with a tall kitchen glass and place one piece of crystallized ginger in the bottom. Pour one 8oz. bottle of natural ginger ale over the ginger piece and grate about 1 inch of peeled, fresh ginger root with a fine grater into the glass. Top with a splash of pomegranate juice for color and added flavor. You can also make ginger tea by pouring boiling water over a few pieces of the crystallized ginger in a mug and letting it steep for a couple of minutes. Add a little bit of honey to sweeten it or mask the taste of strong ginger if you’re not a fan.
Speaking of all this ginger, you know what I miss not being able to consume the most? Not wine, but SUSHI! I love sushi – especially with pickled ginger. In our house, when my husband and I go out for sushi, we have what’s called a “Sushi Draft.” This ensures he can’t eat it all before I’ve finished one piece. I can’t wait to go out for sushi in seven months and order a whole selection to myself. Again, I digress.

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