Pregnancy Regrets

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While I don’t live with many regrets (I love planning for the future; hate reminiscing about the past – mostly because I get depressed thinking about how quickly life goes), there are a few things I regret not doing while I was pregnant with Charlotte.  I always stress how different your first pregnancy is in comparison to the rest of your pregnancies because it’s all about you the first time around.  It’s so easy to plan your day/week/life when you have no other little human whose life depends on you.  While I was pregnant with Jack, I kept a journal of how I was feeling, had professional maternity photos taken*, and was religious about taking weekly bump pictures.  I didn’t do any of these things during my pregnancy with Charlotte.  It’s just so much harder to remember/schedule/be awake for those minor details. Minor details I really wish I had paid more attention to the second time around.  I love seeing how other people keep track of their pregnancies through pictures and words, and I wish I had them for both pregnancies to compare.  IF (a BIG ‘IF’) I get pregnant again, I’m going to prioritize scheduling these tasks.  Speaking of planning ahead, I’m sure Charlotte will play ‘the middle child’ card when she’s older and mad because I have no pregnancy journal or pictures for her.  And let’s face it, just because I say I’m going to do it, there’s no guarantee that it gets done when IF the time comes.  My advice to you: Take a lot of pictures during your pregnancy, even if they’re for your eyes only.  Write a few sentences about how you were feeling the day you took the picture so you can remember the minor details 25 years from now.


*featured picture taken at 36 weeks pregnant with Jack…I only know this because of the note I made 2 ½ years ago.


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