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In the weeks that followed and I calmed down a bit, I was able to start thinking about the “fun” things that go along with being newly pregnant. Planning the nursery, trying every old wives’ tale to determine my baby’s gender, thinking of what I wanted to add to my imaginary shower registry, and compiling a long list of possible names were constantly on my mind. I found that it was really easy to get wrapped up in all of the accessories just for my baby’s crib. My advice to you? Don’t! The bumpers, the crib blankets, the crib skirt – it’s not worth it.  Here’s why:


  • Studies show that bumpers are not safe for young babies…no matter how cute they look.  Babies can get tangled or caught in the plush fabric causing suffocation. Also, once older, babies can use the bumper for leverage to climb out of the crib.
  • Loose blankets are also not recommended for young babies for the same reason.
  • Once your baby can sit up (around 6 months), you must lower the crib so the mattress is closer to the floor. This prevents your baby from being able to pull herself up and out of the crib; however, once you lower the mattress, the crib skirt no longer fits and it must retire to your attic…along with all of those other “I’ll use it someday” things your husband asks you to get rid of.

Instead, spend the money on things that will keep you more comfortable. Buy a double breast pump, a variety of nursing bras, a prenatal massage, or in my case –new linens for your own bed.


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