101 Things My Kids Have Taught Me: Lesson 101

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This fall marks three years since I first found out I was pregnant with Jack.  In those three years I’ve learned so much from being pregnant, delivering two babies, and raising kids.  Granted my oldest only just turned two, I still feel like I’ve experienced so much and I find my self constantly wondering what goes on inside my kids’ head.  I decided that documenting lessons I’ve learned from my kids is the best way to get a better understanding of how their little minds work.

101: To a two-year-old boy, nothing tops construction work.

Jack is an outdoors “man” through and through.  He would sleep in a tent in our backyard if I let him.  Anytime he throws a tantrum, without fail I can say, “Let’s go outside” and the situation is defused.   Luckily for Jack (unluckily for half of our neighborhood), a road near us had to be redone and it took all summer.   During those dreaded two hours in between getting up from a nap and the start of dinner, bath, and bedtime routine I’d walk the kids a few blocks away and we could watch the tractors work.  And if things we’re really going our way, the work was done for the day and all of the tractors were left for Jack to play on by himself.  It was heaven.  I hope he always stays the innocent and easily entertained.  I’m already trying to think of something that can keep this kid calmly entertained all winter long.   Lesson: Boys are born to love big machinery.

Below is the evolution of Jack’s love of tractors…complete with a 2nd Birthday John Deere themed cake.


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