101 Things My Kids Have Taught Me: Lesson 100

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100: If Toddlers Could Vote, Mickey Would Be President.

And Toodles would be VP.  I’ve been a pretty strict mom when it comes to TV viewing, but somehow Mickey entered my son’s life and there’s been no turning back.  I can’t pinpoint the exact time when Jack discovered Mickey, because I’m not even sure how he discovered Mickey.  I’m thinking it had to be about six months ago, because that’s when I remember this obsession beginning.  The marketing geniuses at Disney somehow got to my son and now Mickey is everywhere.  How do I get Jack to eat all of his peas? I tell him, “Mickey eats peas.” All of the sudden it’s “MMMMM peas! I like peas!”  On the flip side, if we’re shopping and Mickey is on the packaging, Jack screams says, “I need this!” He’s two.  He doesn’t “need” anything – besides love and affection, and the occasional Mickey fruit snack.  But seriously, between diapers, snacks, toys, balloons, clothes, you name it, Mickey has taken over the ‘mother and child’ consumer marketplace. Lately, I’ve been making more of a conscious effort to NOT buy whatever Mickey is endorsing because it kind of makes me mad how much of an effect a character can have on someone.  However, that doesn’t mean Grandma and Grandpa aren’t there to completely spoil him whenever they can…hence the picture.  I was totally fine with these gifts until we left my parents’ house and I was told that BIG Mickey and BIG Minnie were for us to take home! YAY!  Now whenever we leave a room I hear, “Mama, you carry BIG Mickey. He come, too.” So yeah, I’m pretty sure if toddlers had a vote, Mickey would be our next president.


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