How It Works

babyQ's proprietary algorithm weighs a mother's lifestyle, stress levels, and nutritional & exercise habits to calculate what her babyQ score is.

BabyQ was created by Mark Gostine, MD and Gareth Forde, M.D. Ph.D. after analyzing hundreds of thousands of pregnancies. Their findings revealed that mothers could easily optimize their weight gain and have healthier pregnancies and babies.  This also leads to better health for mother and child after delivery and inspired the two physicians to develop the babyQ app.

The babyQ score is calculated after a brief survey that an expectant mother can take to gauge her pregnancy health. Depending on the survey results and your due date, babyQ will send personalized tips straight to your smartphone to help improve your babyQ score.  A higher score increases the likelihood of a healthier pregnancy, mother, and baby.

We recommend you update your babyQ survey twice a month to gauge your progress and help maintain healthy habits. Use babyQ tips to enhance your pregnancy health and to give your baby the best possible start.

The BabyQ Program

What is your BabyQ? See what it means below:


Needs Improvement

A babyQ score below 40 means you have more opportunities for improvement. A few easy changes (for instance, in the way you eat, sleep, or exercise) can increase your score significantly. A higher score can help you avoid complications like high blood pressure and pregnancy-related toxemia (pre-eclampsia).We recommend updating your babyQ once a week and read your personalized daily messages to help raise your babyQ.



A babyQ score within this range is not uncommon. A score from 40 to 59 is average and means you have room for improvement, like eating better or exercising more regularly. With a few changes in one of the LENS categories (Lifestyle, Exercise, Nutrition, Stress), you can move into the good or excellent range. Update your babyQ once a week, follow your messages and enjoy watching your babyQ rise.



A score from 60 to 79 is good. It shows you are working hard on your pregnancy health, but still have a little room for improvement. Through babyQ, you will learn how to move your score into the excellent range. You can update your babyQ every one or two weeks.



A score of 80 and above is excellent. Your challenge is maintaining this high level as your pregnancy progresses and fatigue creeps in. You can update your babyQ every two weeks for an extra boost of confidence and to help you continue to do well. The messages are always helpful and provide a little dose of education about you and your baby. With babyQ, we’ll show you how.

BabyQ is based on our specialized LENS system, focusing on four crucial aspects of pregnancy: Lifestyle, Exercise, Nutrition and Stress.

L.E.N.S. by BabyQ

The L.E.N.S. system, a key component of the babyQ program, looks at maternal-fetal health in four important categories: Lifestyle, Exercise, Nutrition and Stress Management.  Members of the babyQ program will become more familiar with these categories and the many topics within them. BabyQ members will be able to focus on their own health strengths and weaknesses. They will see clearly how these play a role in their baby’s growth and development. The LENS system allows us to personalize the babyQ program for mothers, helping them  improve their babyQ score during pregnancy.

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