SmartPhone & Tablet Apps for Pregnant Moms

Your little one doesn’t even have to be awake to benefit from some of the best baby apps on the market. Parents of infants can use these technology tools for everything from monitoring diaper changes to tracking developmental milestones. Physicians are using mobile devices more and more to record health notes and research information, and now parents can have access to answers to their own questions about their babies. For example, if you are looking for a baby app that shows you just how much sleep your newborn should be getting, there are free baby apps that give you these numbers with just the swipe of the screen.

Pregnancy Apps – Benefits for Parents

BabyQ Baby Apps Sends Mothers Personalized Messages

Bringing home a new baby can be an amazing, yet exhausting, experience. There is so much demand on your time and energy as a parent for so many things. Some of the best apps for babies are really apps for the parents. Consider all of the things you need to remember, calculate, and track for your baby’s well-being.

Diaper Changes – The pediatrician will likely instruct you to monitor wet and messy diapers because these can give you clues to your baby’s overall health.

Feedings – Whether you are breastfeeding or bottle feeding, it is important to have an accurate assessment of how much nutrition your baby is consuming. Baby apps can help you track these feedings and even pinpoint trends in your child’s eating habits.

Sleeping – One of the biggest challenges new parents can face is getting enough sleep, and one of the best ways to get the most of dreamland is to help your baby develop a healthy sleep pattern. Baby apps can help you track your baby’s sleep habits and make sure your baby is getting a healthy amount of sleep.

Monitoring – Gone are the days of crackling baby monitors and here are the days when some of the best apps for babies allow moms and dads to monitor their infants with a quiet and easy access through apps for baby monitoring.

Questions – Get answers to your questions about milestones, teething, rashes, and other health concerns about your baby.

Extras – Baby apps aren’t just for monitoring the daily routines of your baby. There are wonderful music apps, soothing sound apps, apps that allow you to record your voice for you baby, and apps that can help you teach your baby sign language.

babq is the best pregnancy app

5 of the Best Apps for Babies

Whether you are looking for iPad apps for babies or an app for your smartphone, there are many great choices, including these 5 best baby apps.

1. babyQ App – The babyQ app offers expecting mothers personalized pregnancy tips based on a quick survey of their everyday activities and behaviors.

2. WebMD Baby – Get answers to all of those late night questions about your baby’s symptoms. You can even take pictures of your infant and record milestones and growth.

3. Baby Signs Video (ASL) – Learning American Sign Language for Children – Teach your baby sign language with these video clips that clearly show how to perform the signs, instead of just looking at still pictures.

4. Cozi – This is the family organizer that lets you track everything from your baby’s doctor appointments to your 1st grader’s schedule for piano lessons. You can give family members access to the schedules, too, so that everyone is more prepared to handle the chaos.

5. iBreastfeed – Whether you’ve already committed to it or still have some questions and concerns, this baby app for breastfeeding moms gives you tips and advice for success. Use the app to keep track of your baby’s feeding schedule and to learn more about how to pump and store breast milk.

If you are a first time mother that’s feeling overwhelmed, apps are a great resource for today’s on-the-go mom. The babyQ app is the best pregnancy app on the market. The personalized tips, sent directly to your phone, are extremely helpful to keep new moms on track for a healthy baby. Take the survey today to find out your babyQ score and how healthy your baby will be.