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Michigan Doctors Launch

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Grand Rapids, Michigan. July 16, 2012. Two Michigan doctors have launched, a website and downloadable app for pregnant women.  The program is aimed at improving maternal-fetal health from the earliest stages of gestation, leading to better neonatal outcomes. Women sign in, take a short babyQ survey, and get a babyQ from 0 to 100–based on the doctors’ own algorithm.  Users then receive text messages–personalized health coaching–via computer or smartphone, based on their babyQ. The goal is to boost the score and adapt to the changing needs of the baby in utero. Mark Gostine MD and Gareth Forde MD, PhD are the developers of babyQ.  They have a strong interest in the role of epigenetics, the science of how genes turn on and off. The doctors emphasize the power of a pregnant woman to turn on her baby’s best genes, through proper lifestyle, behaviors, nutrition, and stress management. “As doctors,…

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