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Keeping CRP levels low

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Recently, some well-designed studies have pointed out a link between increased maternal inflammation and a negative impact on infant brain development during pregnancy.  We can track inflammation with a blood test called CRP and in Finland a very large study indicated that high CRP blood levels during pregnancy could impair emotional development later in childhood.  How do mothers keep CRP levels low?  The answer is straight forward: Don’t smoke Keep your teeth in good shape, floss and brush regularly Eat lots of fruits and veggies Exercise 40 minutes 5 days a week Avoid deep fried foods These simple good habits will give your child a “head” start.

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Seven Weeks

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I started nesting too early. I still have seven weeks until I deliver and I’m completely ready for baby number three to arrive. I know I should feel reposed about this; however, I don’t know what else to do to satisfy my incessant desire to nest.

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Low Back Pain

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Low back pain is extremely common in pregnancy.  Over 50% of women experience it at some point.  It’s related to your changing body.  Your ligaments are loosening in preparation for delivery; this is secondary to hormonal influences.  Women who exercise three times or more a week seem to have less low back pain.  We recommend walking 30-45 minutes, three to five times per week to treat low back pain.  If the pain is severe you can seek treatment with a physical therapist or a chiropractor, but above all avoid any x-rays.  Tylenol may also be helpful for back pain.  We do not recommend you take it on a regular basis. It’s felt to be safe, but does not really change the underlying cause of the problem.  Almost all back pain resolves within six months after delivery.

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What Exercises Are Safe During Pregnancy?

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Expecting mothers can typically stay healthy by following a nutritious diet, accompanied by safe exercise during pregnancy. A woman’s body experiences many changes during these nine months and while exercise is a valuable part of staying healthy, there are some precautions to take and restrictions to make during this time. The questions many expectant mothers have during this time include: Is exercise safe during pregnancy? What type of exercise is best during pregnancy? What types of exercise should I avoid during pregnancy? Safe Exercise During Pregnancy Because every woman’s body is different, especially during pregnancy, it is important that the first step you take is to consult with your healthcare provider about the safety of exercising during your pregnancy. Some women with certain health issues, medical histories, and complications during this time might be advised against aspects of physical activity. If you were already a jogger, a swimmer, or an…

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Where Can I Find Affordable Pregnancy Clothes?

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Pregnancy is a time of many changes for a woman’s body and finding comfortable clothing to accommodate the physical changes can be challenging, especially on a budget. Many women think of the maternity fashion of generations past, where big buttons and even bigger bows were the standard decorations. However, if you’re expecting a baby, you can find fashionable maternity clothing without breaking the baby bank. Buy Off-Season Even though you might just be a few weeks along, invest in a few items from this season that will carry you into the next one when you really will need that extra room. Just like with standard clothing, end of the season sales can save you a lot of extra money. You can find exclusively maternity-wear stores, but don’t forget to look for maternity sections in popular places such as: Target JCPenney Motherhood Maternity Gap And other mainstream shopping centers that offer…

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How to get your baby to sleep

How Can I Get My Baby To Sleep Through The Night?

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Whoever coined the phrase “sleeps like a baby” as a way to describe a peaceful slumber probably didn’t actually ever spend one night with an infant. If it seems like your baby won’t sleep unless she’s being held in your arms or your newborn thinks sleeping is overrated, there are ways to encourage a better night’s sleep – for everyone. Keep in mind that until about six weeks of age your newborn won’t have a regulated sleep-wake cycle that is regulated (like for older children and adults) by light and dark. How Much Sleep Does My Baby Need? Although every child is different, according the National Sleep Foundation, the typical newborn needs anywhere between 10.5 and 18 hours of sleep each 24 hour day. Their sleeping patterns are regulated by their needs to be fed, changed, and cuddled or comforted. Usually their awake times last between 1 and 3 hours….

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Fatigue is one of the most common symptoms in early pregnancy.  One in five women will suffer from fatigue.  Even in early pregnancy, your growing uterus and child require some of your body’s energy.   Also you are not feeling your best, you may have morning sickness and eating less, so you can become hypoglycemic.  Not to mention, nausea can certainly make you feel fatigued. Later in pregnancy, during your third trimester, you put on weight, your feet and ankles may swell and it is harder to move around.  You may develop more aches and pains and have difficulty sleeping.  All of this can lead to fatigue as well.  The best solution to fatigue is to listen to your body.  Get plenty of sleep and take an occasional nap. Make sure you eat properly, get a little bit of exercise each day, and walk 30 to 40 minutes five to…

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Can My Fetus Feel?

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Consider yourself a human rocking chair during pregnancy as your baby is lulled to sleep by your walking, or perhaps roused from sleep by your jostling exercise. Your growing baby experiences many of the same things you do – the foods you eat, the emotions you feel, and the things you hear – just in slightly different ways. Your baby can also feel certain things from outside your abdomen, but rest assured that your general everyday movements do not cause pain and discomfort to your baby as he is safely enclosed in the amniotic fluid. My Baby’s Senses You might ask, “So what can my fetus feel?” By the time your developing baby is 20 weeks of gestational age, many of his senses are developed to a point where he will react to stimuli. His hearing is strong enough to recognize and react to your voice and other auditory stimulation….

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Autism Prevention and babyQ

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Central to the idea of babyQ is that mothers have a great deal of control over which genes are turned on in their babies during pregnancy.  This concept of gene control is called epigenetics.  At babyQ we want to help pregnant moms turn on their child’s best genes.  Now in a scientific report we see evidence that this really works and may help autism prevention. Autism is spreading like wild fire in America.  While it was barely heard of back in the 70’s and 80’s, it is now estimated that autism or autism spectrum disorders like Asperger’s, affects 1 in 65 children born in the United States.  How did this happen?  Are genes involved?  How could so many mutations happen in 30 years to go from a rare disorder to one so common? In the March 27 issue of the New England Journal of Medicine, researchers from the San Diego…

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101 Things My Kids Have Taught Me: Lesson 99

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99: The Best Toys Are Not Toys Being pregnant, not feeling well, and having two toddlers with the flu has rendered us homebound for the last couple of days. While my kids would be perfectly happy curled up on the couch watching movies all day, I can’t help but feel guilty about doing that, so I’ve been trying to think of new activities to occupy us. Lately, my kids have been getting bored easily and quickly with toys. Maybe it was overload with Christmas, and did I mention my husband and I took the kids to Disney World right after Christmas? But that’s a whole different story. Traveling with kids is always interesting. Anyway, toys haven’t been doing it for my kids; however, non-toys – pots and pans, my spice cupboard, the mudroom junk drawer, and water – have been occupying my kids for hours. Seriously. I’ll give Jack three…

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