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Can I Have Sex During Pregnancy?

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Intercourse is most likely the activity that led to your pregnancy, but some couples wonder if that is one of the last times they will experience intimacy for a long time. For healthy couples experiencing healthy pregnancies, sex during pregnancy is not a risky behavior. In fact, many couples experience a new level of intimacy and several benefits of sex during pregnancy. Sex During the First Trimester of Pregnancy Even though your outside appearance is probably the same, your newly pregnant body is undergoing several changes that might affect your sex drive. The rush of hormones, the increase in fatigue, and the possible morning sickness might just be enough to cause you to want to say No more than Yes. There might also be new emotions and stresses for you and your partner as you both adjust to the new roles you are embarking upon as parents. Some worry about…

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What is an ectopic pregnancy?

What You Need to Know About an Ectopic Pregnancy

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What is an ectopic pregnancy? Simply put, an ectopic pregnancy is any pregnancy that occurs outside of your uterus. Once your egg is fertilized, it will find something to attach to. While it usually travels through your fallopian tubes into your uterus, it doesn’t always make it there. Most ectopic pregnancies are when the fertilized egg attached to the fallopian tube, but the egg may also attach to your ovaries, cervix, or another internal part of your abdomen. What are the symptoms of an ectopic pregnancy? An ectopic pregnancy will usually still give you traditional pregnancy symptoms, like a missed period, tender breasts, and nausea, early on, but you will find out shortly that something has gone awry. You will probably begin to feel severe pain on one side of your lower abdomen, vaginal bleeding, and even some shoulder pain. You may even have dizzy spells or fainting. Is an…

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What are Prenatal Hiccups?

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Synopsis: What are prenatal hiccups and should moms be worried? Prenatal hiccups are a very common and normal phenomenon of the developing fetus. The expectant mother generally feels prenatal hiccups in the second trimester, although they may occur earlier and generally taper off early in the third trimester. What’s happening during prenatal hiccups? This spontaneous movement occurs after the central nervous system reaches maturity in utero, when the fetus gains the capability to make “breathing” type movements in and out. The fetus sucks in and expels some of the surrounding amniotic fluid. At this point, the muscle separating the fetal chest and abdominal cavities rapidly contracts, resulting in a hiccup. Hiccups do not appear to cause any discomfort to the fetus and oxygen is still being amply supplied via the unbillical cord. What will I feel when my unborn child hiccups? When a fetus hiccups, the pregnant mother often feels small, repeated…

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Cord Blood Banking

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When I was pregnant I heard a lot about cord blood banking and received many pamphlets from different companies offering cord blood banking services.  I didn’t know much about the process or the reasons to bank my baby’s cord blood, so I decided it was worth some research.   Cord blood is the blood that remains in your baby’s umbilical cord after delivery.   The blood is a source of stem cells that can be used in different medical treatments.  Cord blood and stem cells have been used to treat different ailments, including cancers, blood disorders, and immune diseases.  If needed in your child’s lifetime, he or she will always be a perfect match to the cord blood collected at delivery.  Cord blood banks cryogenically freeze the blood and hold on to it for you if ever needed.  When discussing the topic with other pregnant moms, someone told me that they weren’t…

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Hemorrhoids and Pregnancy: is it normal?

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Although few women would admit it, as many as 20-50% of pregnant women experience hemorrhoids.  Hemorrhoids are unsightly, pea or grape size swollen blood vessels in the rectal area. They are sometimes called piles. Hemorrhoids are actually varicose veins that arise inside the rectum or protrude out the anus; thus, they are classified as internal and external hemorrhoids and the external hemorrhoids are “graded” 1-4, based on severity and extent of protusion.  Pregnant women suffering from hemorrhoids experience itching, burning, uncomfortability, pain and less frequently rectal bleeding. Causes—increased pressure in the pelvic area, enlarging uterus, increased blood flow leading to swelling, bulging & dilating; constipation aggravates, straining to have a bowel movement Prevention—drink fluids, mostly water, increase fiber (fruits and veggies- 20 to 30 grams), Kegel exercise and incorporate over-the-counter stool softeners; sleep on your right side; move around—don’t sit or stand for hours; don’t strain; wipe clean; avoiding heavy…

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What is Round Ligament Pain?

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Pregnancy can bring about several common discomforts, and round ligament pain is one of the most common complaints that pregnant women report. It is most common during the second trimester, and there are several things you can try to alleviate some of the pain and discomfort associated with it. Why Does the Round Ligament Cause Pain? There are several thick ligaments that support and help to carry your abdomen during pregnancy, and one of these is known as the round ligament. It connects your groin to the front part of the womb. During pregnancy this round ligament grows and stretches to accommodate your growing abdomen. This can cause strain on the ligament, resulting in several symptoms of round ligament pain. Sudden spasms of pain, usually on the right side of your lower abdomen, that only lasts for a few seconds Pain during or after exercise Pain in this lower abdominal…

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Are there Foods to Avoid in Pregnancy?

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If you are expecting a baby, chances are you are taking vitamins, adding an extra glass of water or two to your daily intake, and choosing fresh foods that will provide your baby with the most nutrients possible. However, do you know which foods you should not consume while pregnant for the health of your baby? The advice from your friends and well-meaning family can be confusing, but the guidelines that have been established by years of medical research don’t have to be overwhelming. Whether you have allergies, sensitivities, or special health concerns there are basic pregnancy nutrition choices you should consider during pregnancy. Seafood Consumption Seafood can give you and your baby the omega-3 fatty acids that are important to both of you, but if you’re not careful you might be exposing your baby to elevated levels of mercury. This mercury poses a danger to your unborn child’s nervous…

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My neighbors must think I’m crazy

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Growing up with very curly hair, I learned at a young age how to prevent frizz with chemicals products.  I’ve since come to cherish the extra volume that comes with textured hair and use almost no product – except for the occasional spritz of hairspray on humid days.  Hairspray contains many different chemicals and it is not safe to inhale constantly.  My solution? I wear a mask, only use non-aerosol products, and I do not use it in my house.  Yes, I stand in my front yard with a dentist-like mask on and spray my hair.  I firmly believe that there has to be balance between doing everything said to be “right/healthy/perfect” and doing what makes you feel good and look good.  Other ways to cut down on chemicals in your beauty routine: Try using grape seed oil instead of lotion to prevent stretch marks. It’s all- natural, inexpensive, odorless,…

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