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What is the quad screen?

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If you’re pregnant or planning on becoming pregnant, you are probably considering the various medical aspects of this exciting time. Ultrasounds give you an image you can hold as you imagine meeting your baby face to face. Monthly measurements of your expanding abdomen mark the growing anticipation as well. However, some medical procedures and visits with your doctor don’t always give you the reassurance for which you are looking. Tests like the quad screen are optional screening measures that some pregnant women choose to complete during pregnancy, based on risk factors that she and her physician decide might warrant the test. If you are considering the quad screen, there are many things you need to consider. Multiple Marker Screening – What does it look for during pregnancy? The quad screen is also referred to by several other names, including the quadruple marker test, multiple marker screening, AFP plus, Triple screen…

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Keeping Clear Skin: How to Deal With Acne During Pregnancy

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Acne during pregnancy is more common than one might think. Acne tends to flare up during pregnancy because of the body’s ever-changing hormones, as well as stress, diet and sleep problems. Controlling acne during pregnancy is different than during the teenage years. Using doctor-recommended or prescribed acne medications and natural methods to keep skin clear keeps both mother and baby safe. What Causes Pregnancy Acne? Pregnancy acne is caused by the same issues as normal acne: hormones and oils. Hormones go into overdrive during pregnancy and cause the production of pore-clogging oils that lead to breakouts. Pregnancy acne is no different from teenage acne, although a woman may breakout in different places than she did when she was younger. How Can I Prevent Pregnancy Acne? Preventing pregnancy acne is the best way to keep skin healthy and clear before and after the baby is born. Cleanse your face twice each…

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