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What Are Skin Tags?

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Your hormones, estrogen and progesterone, increase greatly during pregnancy.  These hormones help the baby grow and help your body change in ways that will nourish the baby and prepare for delivery. Progesterone and estrogen are in effect, growth hormones.  Other things will grow, your breasts, your abdomen, your hair, but unfortunately if you have a small skin tag it will also then grow as well and become a medium size skin tag.  This is because of your skyrocketing levels of progesterone.  You can have skin tags surgically removed at a dermatology office if you like, but most of them will shrink in size after the delivery, so that is probably not necessary.  If they are getting caught underneath a bra strap and making you uncomfortable, consider having it removed.  Short of that, wait until delivery and let it shrink on its own.

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What to pack for hospital

What Do I Need to Pack for the Hospital?

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As the big day for labor and delivery approaches you’ll want to pack your bag with a few essential items. Waiting until your water breaks or your contractions are 3 minutes apart won’t give you the time you need (or the peace of mind) to make sure you have what you’ll need for one of the most physically demanding, emotionally charged, and memorable moments of your life. Start by checking with your healthcare provider to see what the average stay in the hospital is for patients. Each hospital has its own policy and set of procedures, but it is common that moms who have vaginal births remain in the hospital for 1-2 nights. If you have a cesarean you’ll likely be in the hospital for 5 days with your baby while you recover from the procedure. Of course there are certain unforeseen circumstances that might result in longer stays, but…

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How Can I Have a Smarter Baby?

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While you can’t create a smart baby with a recipe, there are things you can do starting in pregnancy that can give your baby the best opportunities for a healthy (and possibly smart) future. So how can I have a smarter baby? How Can I Help My Baby Reach Her Full Potential? Helping your child reach his or her full potential starts before pregnancy and continues from there. Starting with a healthy body for mom is the building block for a healthy baby. Make sure that you avoid alcohol, tobacco and drugs, and maintain a healthy diet and exercise program. Once you become pregnant, it is valuable to consider these other aspects. Prenatal vitamins and nutrients need to contain iodine, found in iodized salt, milk, yogurt, cheeses, and eggs, along with seafood (be careful about consuming seafood because of mercury exposure). Iodine deficiency is linked to much lower IQs in…

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What Should I Weigh During My Pregnancy?

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Weight is a sensitive topic for many Americans, and causes everyone embarrassment.  You have a portion of the population that is grossly overweight and another half that is obsessed with their body image. Somewhere in the middle is the healthy road to travel when it comes to your weight. When you’re pregnant, you’re going to gain weight. But it’s important to know what a healthy weight is during pregnancy, to ensure that your health isn’t harmed. Why is Obesity Harmful During Pregnancy? Americans have steadily gained weight over the years and unfortunately  so have women entering into pregnancy.  Twenty percent of all pregnant women are now considered obese with a body mass index (BMI) of greater than 25.  The body mass index is a ratio of your weight to height.  A woman who is 5 foot 5 inches would be classified as obese at 150 pounds.  Gaining too much weight either during or…

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