October 2018 - BabyQ


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Pregnancy can occasionally be troubled by insomnia or sleeplessness.  The three most common causes are: Snoring, secondary to nasal congestion Restless Legs, usually associated with iron deficiency and anemia, and General discomfort Add anxiety and nervousness about having a child and it is not uncommon to have a sleepless night now and then. If you are having insomnia, first you need to try and identify the cause.  If you have nasal congestion and you are snoring try wearing some nasal strips before you go to bed.  Also, if you wear support hose during the day you will prevent fluid accumulation in your legs.  When you lay flat at night, the fluid in your legs, comes back into your blood vascular system and swells your nasal passage way.  If there is less fluid in your legs, because of the support hose, there will be less nasal congestion.  So consider support hose,…

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