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How Can I Induce Labor?

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It can seem like time just creeps along once you enter the final weeks of pregnancy and patience can wear thin as you fill with excitement and maybe a bit of apprehension. If you are beyond the 38th week of pregnancy and are hoping to encourage labor to begin, or maybe you are trying to avoid a caesarian delivery or medical inducement, you might be hearing a lot of advice about how to induce labor on your own. The most important conversation you can have about inducing labor is with your physician who knows your body and your pregnancy. He or she might endorse some alternative methods you can try at home to encourage labor to begin, but keep in mind that in order for them to usually work, your cervix needs to already be thinning and dilating. This means that labor is typically close, anyway. There are several methods…

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Should I Avoid Over the Counter Medicines Now That I’m Pregnant?

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Pregnancy is a time of many changes for your body, and one of those is what you can put into your body. Medications taken during pregnancy can sometimes result in birth defects, complications for the mother, low birth weight for the baby, and other significant health issues for both mother and child. Your healthcare provider should discuss with you any prescription medication needs and decisions during pregnancy, but don’t forget to talk with him or her about any use over the counter medications (OTC) for pregnant women that should be avoided. What is an over the counter medication? Over the counter medications, also known as OTCs, include more than the obvious headache and cold medicines. They include such things as: Pain relievers Allergy medications Dietary pills and supplements (even those shakes) Some teas Herbal medications Topical ointments – they are absorbed through the skin and circulate through the bloodstream Vitamins…

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