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Sleep all Day, Up all Night! Changing Your Baby’s Sleep Habits

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Babies do not come with a complete set of instructions, especially when it comes to their sleep patterns. Meeting your baby’s needs for adequate sleep promotes healthy growth and development. But what do you do when your baby spends several hours each night looking up at you with those big blue eyes, ready to learn about her world? Identifying her developing sleep patterns can help you get her on a sleep schedule that allows everyone in the house to get the rest they need. How Do I Identify My Baby’s Sleep Patterns? Newborns need an average of 16 hours of sleep per day, and this usually comes in three to four hour stretches. According to KidsHealth.org, bottle-fed newborns feed every two to four hours and breastfed babies every two to three hours. This sleeping/feeding pattern will last for at least the first few weeks, and as most new parents know,…

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